NLS Supernova – 300W LED Light with 450 Wh Battery

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The Supernova 300W LED light is one of the most powerful diver portable underwater video lights in the world. The light emits a total of 32000 lumens which about equals or surpasses the amount of light produced by a 200W HMI light. This is also comparable to light amounts produced by underwater strobes with the difference that the light is continuous thus making framing and painting the scenery with light a lot easier.

An important difference is that LED technology is more reliable and less fragile than specialized HMI technology. The restart time is almost instant.

You are welcome to view this light at our offices in central Helsinki. We can also arrange trials at any nearby divesite. Or you can rent these lights from us for 24 hours…3 weeks.

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Product Description

The Supernova 300W light is one of the most powerful diver-portable underwater video lights in the world. It produces about 32000 lumens. Together with the supplied 450 Wh battery canister it has a burn time of more than one hour.

The Supernova LED Light casts a relatively sharp-edged* cone-shaped light beam that is approximately 90 degrees wide. The light is produced by a LED panel. There are no hot spots.
*) Now there is an ordering option where can specify that you prefer a soft-edged version. Ask us for further details. The attached product pictures show both versions.

For optimum results and partly due to the intensity of the light and possible haze of particles in the water, it is recommended to use the light several meters from subject matter and the camera. In very clear water the light is useful for illuminating up to 20 meters distance. Thus the light or several of them can be used to illuminate large cave halls, underwater wrecks, underwater landscapes and similar scenery when ambient light is not sufficient for shooting purposes.

If compared to sunlight or HMI lights, the LED light has a slight greenish cast in water, but, this can be offset in advance by whitebalancing the camera or in post process if necessary.

For white-balancing underwater, please note that this lamp can cover fairly large areas. Thus, if you white-balance for a surface at e.g. a distance of 5 meters, surfaces closer than 5 meters will appear warmer in color tones, and, surfaces further than 5 meters will appear cooler (green/blue) in color tones. This is a result of physics. If used properly, you can create fantastic lighting effects with this phenomenon.

The product price includes:

  • 300W LED light head with special water cooling
  • Light switch with three positions: off, half power, full power. Light switch is located on the light head.
  • Goodman handle
  • Cord with E/O connectors, or, alternatively a more rugged bulkhead / locking sleeve type connecter – please specify your selection when ordering
  • 450Wh Lithiom Ion battery canister. Length of canister is 30 cm and diameter is 98mm.
  • Lithium Ion battery charger. Charge time less than 3 hours.
  • Optionally a soft-edged light beam
  • Special offer from Cerella Oy: T17853 (General purpose TLC light holder with standard 1″ ball head and a clamp to attach to TLC arms).

The burn time at full power is more than one hour. The burn time doubles at half power. It is possible to use the light continuously on at full power for the full burn time due to protection circuits and ingenious water cooling technology.

The standard version of the battery canister does not fit within the limits imposed by the IATA 2013 Regulations concerning safe air travel and air transport of Lithium Ion batteries. Consequently you will need to transport this light by land and/or sea transportation. However, we are able to supply a separate flight version of the canister at a small addition cost. Please inquire.

The light is manufactured by Northern Light Scuba Ltd, Finland. The manufacturer has hydrotested each light to a pressure of 10 bars prior to delivery. For deeper dives you might want to consider the Supernova Mini light which is hydrotested to 30 bars.

Additional Information

Beam shape

Soft Edged Beam, Sharp Edged Beam


T17853 General purpose Light Holder (Free of charge), (none)


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