About us

Cerella Oy specializes in the needs of the underwater photographer and videographer. Currently we offer:

  • Aquatica – all products including spare parts
  • Amphibico – all products including spare parts
  • Gates – camera housings, ports, monitors *
  • Ikelite – camera housings, ports, arms, lights, strobes and cables *
  • Inon – strobes, strobe accessories, arms and floats *
  • Keldan – video lights *
  • Magic Filters – color correcting filters *
  • Nauticam - all products including spare parts *
  • Northern Light Scuba – video lights
  • Paralenz – underwater action cameras and accessories
  • Sea & Sea - camera housings, ports and accessories *
  • Technical Lighting Control (TLC) - complete product selection

*) During 2018, we are in the process op replacing our webpages by a complete new system. Unfortunately many of our current products are not yet visible on our current web pages. Please contact us directly.

Apart from custom-ordered items we attempt to keep all items on display in our showroom near central Helsinki. We have a good selection of spare parts and accessories as well. Please contact us for an appointment and you are welcome to discuss your needs and view our product selection.

In addition to commerce at our showroom, we deliver products to Finland, the Nordic countries and Estonia. On request, we might be able to deliver to other countries as well. However, keep in mind that some items, e.g. Lithium Ion battery packs, might have limitations on delivery options.

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Cerella offers other services as well. We can provide video lights and camera housings for rental. We can also arrange trials. We provide installation, fittings, buoyancy adjustment, annual maintenance and major overhaul for the camera housings and ports we represent. Additionally, we have begun providing hydro testing services for all underwater camera housings, ports and lights – maximum diameter 450mm, maximum length 700mm and test pressure 4…13 ATA/40…130 meters. On special request up to 20 ATA / 200 meters.

The company Cerella Oy was established already in 1995. Richard Eller is a second generation owner. Richard Eller’s “daytime” job is Advocorp Oy, a leading consultancy for coorporate planning systems. Since 2008 Richard Eller has been an active scuba diver in Finland and elsewhere. Richard has been actively photo and videographing the underwater world, more recently caves and mines like Ojamo, Tuna, Ordinskaya and the caves of Eastern Sardinia. Richard also participates in various marine archeology projects.

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Email: myynti@cerella.fi
Tel: +358-9-621 3301

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CerellaOy

(New) Visiting address:
Cerella Oy (sharing office space with Advocorp Oy)
Mannerheimintie 42 A 3-4
00220 Helsinki

Our new office and showroom is being renovated in May/June 2018.

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Postal address:
Cerella Oy
PL 1120
00101 Helsinki

All pictures, texts and videos are copyright(c)2013-2017 Cerella Ltd, Finland unless otherwise noted. Some of the texts, text excerpts and images originate from Aquatica (with permission) and they are copyright(c)2010-2017 Aquatica Digital, Canada. Likewise for other manufacturers.

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