NLS 321Wh Battery Canister for Supernova Mini/Micro

740 €

This lithium ion battery canister is compatible with the Supernova Mini 80W and Supernova Micro 30W LED light heads. This canister has two outputs with separate switches and e/o cords. You can connect for example two lights or one light and a heat vest. When used with the Supernova Mini 80W light head, this battery canister gives four hours burn time for a single light or two hours burn time for two lights simultaneously. The battery has a buoyancy of minus 1000 grams in water. The canister is 30 cm long and has a diameter of 88 mm.

This battery does not fit within the limits imposed by the IATA 2013 Regulations concerning safe air travel and air transport of Lithium Ion batteries.

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Product Description

The product price is for a single battery canister. However, if you purchase the battery canister from Cerella Oy simultaneously together with the Supernova Mini 80W LED Light Head, you get the following:

  • The battery canister with two light switches
  • 80W LED light head
  • Two cords with E/O connectors. You have the option to specify cord length. Otherwise the light is supplied with standard-length cords.
  • Lithium Ion battery charger.
  • Special offer from Cerella Oy: bolt snap OR T17853 (General purpose light holder with standard 1″ ball head and clamp to attach to TLC arms).

For an additional 30 euros, the battery canister can be optionally modified for sidemount use. Here the cable leaves the top of the battery canister at a 90 degree angle.

The Supernova Mini 80W LED light head (and the Supernova Micro 30W LED light head) can be used with the following NLS Lithium Ion battery canisters:

  • Small 65Wh canister: burntime = 45 minutes (2 hours), buoyancy = -300 grams, can be taken on commercial flights
  • Medium 97Wh canister: burntime = one hour (2.5 hours), buoyancy = 0 grams (about), can be taken on commercial flights
  • Medium 202Wh canister: burntime = 2.5 hours (6.5 hours), buoyancy = -700 grams, cannot be taken on commercial flights
  • Large 321Wh canister with dual e/o connection: burntime = 2-4 hours (5-10 hours), buoyancy = -1 kg, cannot be taken on commercial flights

Please note that the above-mentioned battery canisters are not compatible with the newer and more powerful Supernova Mini v2.

The battery canister is manufactured by Northern Light Scuba Ltd, Finland.


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