2014-06-20 Hydro Testing Camera Housings

CU1F9452 Cerella.fi Hydrotest Top

Finally, just before mid-summer festivities, we received our new customized hydro test equipment, 120 kilos of steel, nuts and bolts, a huge O-ring and some piping.

On June 30th, we will begin providing hydro testing services for all underwater camera housings, ports, battery canisters and lights. We are able to hydro pressure test anything that has a maximum diameter of 450mm and a maximum length of 700mm. This generous size allows testing even the older large (and quite bulky) professional video camera housings for broadcast television and 4K video. We are able to hydro test all Aquatica, Amphibico, BS Kinetics, Gates, Hugyfot, Ikelite, Nauticam, Sea&Sea, Seacam, Sealux, Subal etc underwater camera housings.

The hydro test pressure can be selected between 4…13 ATA/40…130 meters. Standard test pressures are:

  • 4 ATA / 40 meters
  • 6 ATA / 60 meters
  • 9 ATA / 90 meters
  • 10 ATA / 100 meters
  • 13 ATA / 130 meters

Other test pressures are available on request. The test pressure should be selected to match the specifications of the camera housing.

Hydro testing will be provided as a service:

  • Included with all our camera housing maintenance (including retrospectively earlier customers 2013 and 2014)
  • Included with all our camera housing sales. This includes testing with your current dome (old or new). If you purchase multiple domes from us, all of them can be tested with your camera housing.
  • As a separate service for hydro testing underwater equipment (underwater camera housings, lights etc)
  • Optionally with a written and signed test report.


CU1F9453 Cerella.fi Hydrotest CU1F9452 Cerella.fi Hydrotest cropped CU1F9452 Cerella.fi Hydrotest Top

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