Aquatica Pro Underwater Camera Housing for Canon EOS-1D C and EOS-1D X

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Aquatica Digital is pleased to announce the release of their A1D-C/X housing, the latest in its fine line of precision crafted aluminum housings. Canon’s flagship 1D C and 1D X cameras are professional imaging tools with equally impressive still and video capabilities. With customized controls, next generation lens gear system and uncompromised viewing, Aquatica’s new A1D-C/X housing puts the 1D X and 1D C into the hands of photographers shooting in the world’s most demanding underwater environments.

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Product Description

Housings built with quality
This new Aquatica housing, like all housings Aquatica makes, is milled from a solid block of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, it is black anodized and then for further protection, a resistant polyester electrostatic powder coat paint is added. This ensures that your investment will last a lifetime.

The A1D-C/X is also optimized for video shooters to take advantage of these cameras broadcast quality (1D-C: 4K cinematic quality video, and 1D-X: 1920 x 1080 HD video capture) HD video functions. All video controls are designed for easy reach and smooth operation through the housing. This includes a next-generation lens gearing system with a smaller housing pinion gear and a larger lens gear, allowing for a much smoother action while zooming in a video sequence.

The Aquatica quick release tray delivers smooth and precise positioning of the camera in the housing and allows the user to insert and remove the camera using a simple push tab. The zoom/focus pinion gear and lens release lever also pull out so that the camera can be removed from the back while keeping a lens and zoom gear attached.

The video record on/off control lever is perfectly located on the right side of the housing. This lever is easily controlled with the thumb using a slight forward motion. All push buttons are made from high quality type 304 stainless steel and operate smoothly for an natural feel and intuitive operation.

The A1D-C/X will ship with Aquatica’s new atmospheric pressure sensitive circuitry and leak alarm. This advanced Aquatica circuit has a temperature compensation included, so any change in ambient temperature or changes in the internal temperature will not cause an incorrect reading. The onboard start actuating button is for the vacuum only; your alarm is always on. The A1D-C/X housing will ship with a bulkhead opening for future and easy installation of the optional vacuum valves.

This new Aquatica vacuum/alarm system is the most advanced on the market today:

  • Easy user installation
  • Intelligent use of LED technology
  • Onboard start actuation button

In one simple glance, the underwater photographer can be assured that the housing has water-tight integrity before, during and after the dive.

Three bulkhead access holes are provided to accept multiple external accessories such as Aquatica’s remote trigger, Water Wizard external radio transceiver housing, external monitors and/or other accessories. Aquatica also boasts the most comprehensive selection of easily interchangeable strobe connectors in the industry. The 20075-NK includes two of the classic 5-pin Nikonos connectors and the 20075-KM is supplied with a time proven 5-pin Ikelite connector. Aquatica standard strobe connectors are also now replaceable in the field without the need for specialized tools.

The bulkhead connections are now user serviceable and replacing them is done quickly without requiring the need for any special tool, in a matter of minutes. Again, these improvements were implemented with the working professional in mind, reliability and user friendly field maintenance being the key word here.

Aquatica’s more than 30 years of expertise have helped craft the A1D-C/X’s ergonomic design. It is a design strongly influenced by professional image makers from around the world who work and consult with Aquatica. The result is an unparalleled attention to detail and expertly crafted solutions.

The A1D-C/X also retains Aquatica’s trademark molded grips, the industry standard of comfort for the last 25 years. They are lightweight, and made of one piece so they never come unglued or corrode. Both grips have threaded mounting holes ready to accept the popular mounting bracket of the TLC arm system and are compatible with most current strobes and lighting arms on the market.

An extra mounting point for a focus/video light or other accessories is included on top of the housing and three additional mounting points are provided under the housing for various brackets, supports or tripods.

The durability of Aquatica housings is legendary. The lightweight A1D-C/X benefits from the finest material available in the metallurgic industry and is carefully crafted from a selected alloy of aircraft-grade aluminum. This housing has the standard 90 meter depth rating and can be upgraded to a 130 meter depth rating. Its knurled knobs and oversized controls mean easy operation in all conditions.

The Aquatica A1D-C/X is supplied with Aquatica’s Galileo type eye piece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the view finder. For those seeking the ultimate in viewing for still image, the optional Aqua View Finder, available in straight and 45 degrees version, are among the best of the industry, they can easily be installed in a matter of a few minutes by the user. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder is second to none in clarity. It provides the photographer with tack sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera view finder for composing and critical focusing

Comprehensive selection of Dome Ports and Macro Ports
Of course, the A1D-C/X housing is an integral part of one of the most established and comprehensive port and accessories system of the industry. Aquatica’s port system has been a stable platform for more than 20 years and remains one of the most reliable and popular designs on the market.

For ultimate image quality you can choose the Aquatica A1D-C/X with the 9.25” Megadome, state-of-the-art BK-7 coated glass dome, it is attached to the unique Aquatica extension ring with manual focus capability. This extension is available for both the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM Type II and the EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, two serious candidates for the video shooter and for which manual focus access is vital, manual focusing with prime lens focusing can be done using the controls knob on the upper left side of the housing.

The Aquatica Lens Chart for Canon EOS-1D C and EOS-1D X summarizes the most common combinations of various ports, lenses, extension rings and focus/zoom gear.

Strobe Connections and Housing Configurations
Aquatica has the most comprehensive selection  of easily interchangeable strobe connectors in the industry. The A1D-C/X may be purchased factory fitted with one of the following strobe connection configurations. Even afterwards, it is possible to change the configuration by purchasing required connection items. Bulkheads are replaceable in the field (or by Cerella Oy) without the need for specialized  tools. All configurations support manual flash. TTL functionality requires TTL compatible strobes and might require an external TTL converter.

The 20075-NK configuration of the A1D-C/X housing has  two of the classic 5 pins Nikonos connectors. It is possible to connect one or two popular strobes having Nikonos type sync cords and/or a third-party TTL converter with Nikonos type cord on camera end. By default, all Aquatica housings are delivered in this configuration unless otherwise specified.

The 20075-KM configuration of the A1D-C/X housing is supplied with one  time-proven 5 pins TTL type Ikelite connector. This connector can only be used with the Ikelite #4301 TTL converter. Up to two Ikelite strobes can be connected using an appropriate dual sync cord. TTL functionality is available by using the Ikelite #4301 TTL converter and a dual sync cord.

Depth Rating:

  • 90 meters (upgradeable to 130 meters)


  • Height: 21,6 cm
  • Depth: 13,5 cm
  • Width: 21,9 cm (without grips) 33,1 cm (with grips)
  • Weight (with grips attached): 3,855 kg

Construction of shell:

  • 6061 T6 Marine Grade aluminum
  • Anodized to MIL-A-8625 (type 2, Class 2 specification)
  • Powder coated with certified A.A.M.A. 2603-98 Polyester coating
  • Baked at 177c/350F (specification ASTM D2794

Control shafts and push pins:

  • Type 304 marine grade Stainless steel
  • All shaft double sealed with double O-rings
  • All push pins sealed with Quad Rings

Standard features:

  • Ergonomically optimized for diving conditions
  • Oversized knurled controls knobs
  • Sturdy comfortable grips
  • Extended shutter release
  • Port lock mechanism
  • Lens release mechanism
  • Standard high quality Galileo Optical Eye piece
  • Dual sacrificial anodes (front and rear mounted)
  • 5 accessory bulkhead entry points

Mounting points for strobes arms, lighting fixtures and/or tripod:

  • Mounting point for strobes arms, lighting fixtures and/or tripod
  • 5 standard ¼”-20 sized threaded holes, two on each hand grips and one centered on top of the housing
  • 3 standard ¼”-20 sized threaded holes located at the base of the housing
  • 5 bulkhead access entry point for various accessories


The recommended servicing procedures of the products are outlined in the manuals supplied with the product. The outside of the housings and the accessories should be rinsed in fresh water after every dive. The handles should be removed after use otherwise if they remain attached to the housing for any length of time they may bind to the housing and be extremely difficult to remove. We suggest that the main O rings be lubricated regularly and all of the O rings be checked annually.

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Double Nikonos Type Bulkheads, Ikelite TTL/Manual Bulkhead

View finders/Moisture Alarm

Standard View Finder & Moisture Alarm, Kit Including Standard and Aqua View Finders & Moisture Alarm, Kit Including Standard and Aqua View Finders & Vacuum Circuitry Kit, Kit with Vacuum Circuitry


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