Video and Photo Gallery – Finnish Wrecks

All pictures below (except one) are frame grabs from HD video footage. Please note that these are 8-bit pictures (not RAW).

Pictures and videos are Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Richard Eller unless otherwise marked. According to Finnish Law, you may download copies of these pictures for your none-commercial personal use and show them to your family and closest friends. All other use is prohibited without prior written permission.


German WWII Shipwreck V308 Oscar Neynaber with Depth Charges on Deck

Diving this shipwreck requires a special diving permit from the Finnish Defence Forces and Finnish Military Museum. V308 was sunk by the Russians September 23, 1941. The wreck still has live ammunition that has not been salvaged. On the video you can antiaircraft guns and depth bombs on deck.

Two Northern Light Scuba 300 LED lights were used for illumination. The video was shot during a single dive with a Canon 5D III in an Aquatica housing.

Here are some low-res framegrabs of the video:

V308_RichardEller_20140810_16200513_Komentosilta_Ohjausnaruako  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16201316_TrooliaKomentosillalla  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16204108_Komentosilta  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16215829_Komentosillankatto  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16234409_PaapurinSyvyyspommi  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16235711_TakakannenIT  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16244216_Perävalo  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16263100_PeräkannellaPaineilmalaitteitako  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16314515_EtukannenIT  V308_RichardEller_20140810_16350400_Telegrammi  V308_RichardEller_401A6361_RuorinJaTelegramminYksityiskohtia


Please enjoy this Full HD video with some militaristic music:


German WWII Shipwreck V308 Oscar Neynaber with Depth Bombs on Deck from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


Klaus Oldendorf – Tales of Old

The steamship Klaus Oldendorf was built in 1892. It was sunk in 1942, probably by a torpedo of a Russian submarine. All men were lost. The wreck is located south of Porkkala, almost halfway between Finland and Estonia.

The video below was shot with a Sony MC50E video camera equipped with an Aquatica/Amphibico HW Wave underwater camera housing. A single 200W HMI lamp was used for illumination.

Klaus Oldendorf – Tales of Old from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


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