Video and Photo Gallery – Cave Diving

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La Cueva del Agua – February 2015

The Cueva del Agua is located just west from the city of Cartagena, Spain. The cave has been explored about 2.5 kilometers. You can find further information of the cave here. The pictures below are low res framegrabs from 8-bit Full HD video.

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Trip report:


Ordinskaya Caves – September 2013

The Ordinskaya Caves, Orda for short, are world famous for their incredible visibility and unforgettable scenery. Orda is the world’s largest underwater gypsum cave and the longest underwater cave in Russia. Orda is located near the Ural mountain range and is reachable by couple of hours car ride from the nearest airports.

The “H20 VIVA!” subchapter of the diving club “Sukellusseura H2O ry” arranged a dive trip to Ordinskaya in September 2013. Four divers attended this trip. Each of us used one NLS Supernova Mini video light. All scenes were lit artificially since there is no natural light. The following pictures are frame grabs from 8-bit HD video.

Cerella_NLS_4x80WOrda3 Cerella_NLS_4x80WOrda2 Cerella_NLS_4x80WOrda1

The following videos were shot with a Sony MC50E video camera housed in an Aquatica HD Wave underwater camera housing.


Ordinskaya Caves – Part One – Moscow Circuit from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


Ordinskaya Caves – Part Two – Basic and Left Passage from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


Grotta del Fico – Sardinia

On the east coast of Sardinia there is a surprising amount of proper caves with about 17 kilometers of line. For further information of the caves, please check Protec Sardinia.

The HD video below was shot by a Sony MC50E video camera inside an Aquatica/Amphibico HD Wave underwater camera housing. Grotta del Fico is a small and cozy cave, The larger cave systems feature also haloclines.

Grotta del Fico – Sardinia from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


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