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Aquatica 18469 / Port to Dome Locking Collar

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This optional locking collar prevents accidentally rotating the dome port that has been affixed on the end or a dome port. It solves an issue long associated with the larger dome ports mounted on extension ring, their big circumference made them prone to rotating when handled or during transit to the dive site.

All Aquatica housings are provided with a locking mechanism nowadays, this effectively locks the port or extension to the housing… body, but when a dome is mounted on an extension ring, it was not locked into place, while perfectly safe, it did require the attention of the person handling the housing to ensure that the dome did not rotate and the shade ended up in the picture frame.

This collar mounts on the extension ring and locks the port to it. It is particularly recommended for the 6”, 8” and 9.25”Megadome. The 4” Minidome and flat macro port do not require it since their diminutive diameters make them unlikely to rotate.

The Currents 6”, 8” and 9.25”Megadome dome ports from Aquatica have one or more recesses on the back of their flange for accepting the locking pin of the collars. Once engaged, this collar effectively locks down the whole system securely.

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