Video and Photo Gallery – Mine Diving

All pictures below (except one) are frame grabs from HD video footage. Please note that these are 8-bit pictures (not RAW).

Pictures are Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Richard Eller unless otherwise marked. According to Finnish Law, you may download copies of these pictures for your none-commercial personal use and show them to your family and closest friends. All other use is prohibited without prior written permission.


Excerpts from a forth-coming videosequence (watch this space and my blog)…

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Excerpts from a forth coming video sequence (watch this space)…

NLS300Wa1k NLS300Wb1k NLS300Wc1k


Ojamo Mine K5-K10-Luigi-K13-K10-Mario-K5 from Richard Eller on Vimeo.


Ojamo Helmet 6.9.2012 from Richard Eller on Vimeo. The video was shot with a Sony MC50E video camera and an Aquatica/Amphibico HD Wave underwater videocamera housing. The scenery was lit by a 200W HMI video lamp made by Salvo.


Video(s) by Adrian Peret

The following video was shot by Adrian Peret. Copyright (C) 2013 Adrian Peret. Used here with permission.


Additional cave diving pictures and videos can be found here.

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