Aquatica 18834 / Rebuild O-Ring Kit for Aquatica Camera Housing for Canon 7D

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A Rebuilt kit contains all necessary O-rings for rebuilding your housing as well as two extra port O-rings and a container of O-ring lubricant. Replacing all the O-rings will require a complete disassembly of the housing and should only be attempted by qualified individuals. Instead of doing this yourself, you might consider asking Cerella Oy to do this maintenance on your behalf.

This kit is meant for a complete rehaul of the Aquatica Canon 7D housing. The kit includes all O-rings that can be reasonably replaced (outside of factory). The kit includes the following:

  • Main O-ring
  • O-rings for front, top and back ports
  • O-rings for view finder
  • O-rings for bulkhead plugs/TTL bodies/Nikonos type connectors/Optical type connectors
  • O-rings for push buttons and 1/4″ shafts
  • O-ring lubricant

For a complete rehaul you might want to consider the following additional products:

  • A19217 Deep rated sping kit. This includes also vinyl tips, O-rings for shafts and C clips
  • A19220 Sacrificial Anodes
  • A19222 Clip assortment
  • A19223 Assorted vinyl tips for buttons

According to the manufacturer´s user and maintenance instructions, a pressure test or immersion into water without the camera inside is mandatory after changing any O-ring. Failure to perform this test could result in serious damage to your camera and lens should the O-ring be improperly installed.

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